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photo de galerie fort de guentrange 1899 1906


photo urbex galerie du fort de guentrange tunel fortification 1899 1906

The tour of the fort begins in the central casern. This is where the facilities for supplying the soldiers are located. These include the bakery, heating, kitchens, electricity generation, ventilation and drinking water supply.



Next, we explore an underground gallery to get to the north battery. We visit its command center and a renovated turret. It is equipped with a 10 cm cannon and ammunition reloading equipment.



Finally, we visit the museum. It contains collections from 1870 to 1945, including those of the town of Thionville.




Length of visit 2h-2h30


Indoor temperature 13° C Warm clothing and suitable footwear are recommended.

  • ​​ Opening

We are open from

May 1st to September 30.


  • Opening days 

Saturday 3 p.m.

Sunday 3 p.m.

  • Prices

Adult 5 Euros

Child 3 Euros

Bring warm clothing for the visit .

Please reserve your appointment via the contact form. Thanks.

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